A word of the day, encrypted in Morse code, is released every day at 22:00 Moscow Time in Hamster Kombat. You can earn in-game tokens by solving this word.

To solve the word of the day:

  • You will need a table of Morse code symbols (dots and dashes) representing the letters and numbers in the English alphabet.
  • Join the official Hamster Kombat Telegram channel.
  • Every day at 22:00, the channel will share that day's Morse code-encrypted word.
  • Decrypt the code using the Morse code table and enter it into the designated area in the game.
  • If you enter the correct word, you will win your daily token reward.

International Morse Codesvg

June 28 Daily Code:


Morse Code:

  • E: • (dot)
  • T: - (dash)
  • H: •••• (dot dot dot dot)
  • E: • (dot)
  • R: •-• (dot dash dot)

Important Notes:

  • The code is released every day at 22:00 Moscow Time.
  • You can find the answer on the Telegram channel around 22:05 or 22:10.
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Are you ready to play Hamster Kombat and solve the daily code?

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